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UT Austin / McDonald Observatory



Hello! I am a McDonald Observatory Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin. My research is broadly aimed at understanding galaxy formation in the first billion years (z>6), and its cosmological impact of hydrogen reionization.

Over the past year, I have applied deep JWST imaging data to understand how galaxies first assembled their stellar mass. The light from these early galaxies imply that they formed much of their stars in bursts. During these bursts, we expect the early galaxies to be very efficient ionizing agents.

During my thesis work at The University of Arizona, I utilized deep wide-area (>square degree) datasets to characterize the most luminous reionization-era galaxies, as well as begin identifying some of the largest reionized regions in the early Universe. I am actively involved in several ALMA, JWST, HST, and Keck observing programs, with the intention of building a cohesive understanding of the assembly of the first galaxies and their role in cosmic reionization.

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