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This catalog lists properties of the z~6.5-8 Lyman-break CEERS galaxies identified and characterized in Endsley et al. (2023). Included are the following:

  • RA, Dec coordinates from the Gaia-aligned F150W+F200W detection image

  • F200W and F444W flux densities in nanoJy

  • Photometric redshifts

  • Absolute UV magnitudes at rest-frame 1500 Angstroms

  • Stellar masses in log(M/M_sol)

  • Specific star formation rates in Gyr^-1

  • Rest-frame [OIII]+H-beta EWs in Angstroms

  • Dust attenuation in mags at rest-frame 1500 Angstroms.

All inferred galaxy properties come from BEAGLE constant star formation history fits as described in Endsley et al. (2023), with the fiducial value set equal to the median of the BEAGLE posterior probability distribution. The 1-sigma upper and lower bounds are taken as the inner 68% credible interval from the posterior (see section 2.4 for more details).

The photometric zeropoints have been updated in this accepted version of the analysis following Boyer et al. (2022).

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